Huk Performance Fishing: Gear Review

Our friends at want to be your gear guide for life. They search out only the best gear whether you are a hunter, fisherman, backpacker or even an adventure racer. They want to provide you with the best information and access to excellent gear choices. One of those is Huk Performance Fishing Apparel.  Make sure to check them out at

Huk Performance Fishing makes amazing gear. Huk (pronounced hook), the one piece of tackle that unites anglers from all over the world. From catfishermen to fly fishermen. From the pro bass angler to a kid on a pond. We all use a hook. Huk wants to be there for us all. Operating out of South Carolina, most of the ads I see are coastal fishing for redfish and tarpon in places like Florida where it gets hot and humid. So I decided to go the opposite way and test their gear against the high elevation, dry semi-desert mountains of the Eastern Sierra Nevadas. Where the temperature at the lower elevation lakes can reach into the 100’s, while early morning and evenings at the higher elevations can border on freezing. Mix in 40 mph gusts of wind and we have a pretty good testing area.

Next Level Shorts


These ridiculously comfortable shorts have an ever-expanding waistband, gusseted crotch, and is stretch woven for maximum flexibility. There are plenty of pockets with mesh fabric for breathability. Quick drying with +30 SPF, the advanced fabric provides moisture transport and cooling technology. Oh yeah, there is also an anti-microbial factor that helps fight the smell of fish. This is a serious pair of shorts.

Knowing that the temps were going to get into the 80″s later that day I started off in shorts despite the 40 degree chill of the early morning. We spent the morning trout fishing North Lake ( Bishop Creek Canyon, Ca ) at 9,500 ft. Walking through heavy brush around the small lake was tough, we were often forced to wade the frigid waters to cast or just move. Fishing was good at both the inlet and outlet which again required wading. Although there was plenty of visible snow the temperature continue to rise. The Next Level Shorts performed great.  Quickly drying after getting wet and keeping me cool and comfortable as I fished. The flexible fabric made scrambling over rocks and boulders a breeze.

After an afternoon nap we headed back out to fish Bishop Creek. Again, lots of wading , climbing and hiking through brush. The shorts were super comfortable. We put in 9 hours of fishing each day, wearing the Huk shorts the entire time. Despite catching dozens of fish, hiking 18 hours in 2 days there were no complaints. I give them 5 stars.

Next Level Long Sleeve Woven Shirt


This is a good-looking shirt, one you could fish in all day and still wear out to dinner. With vented sides, moisture transport and I.C.E. Technology ( internal cooling element ) you will stay cool in this shirt. Flexible enough for casting all day, hiking through thick brush and climbing around boulders. Lets not forget the anti-microbial element to keep you from stinking and SPF+30 protection. The collars and cuffs feature famed outdoor artist K C Scott artwork.

With temperature ranges from 40 degrees in the morning to 80 degrees in the afternoon this shirt remained comfortable. Throw in 40 mph winds and almost 10,000 feet of elevation, the ability to not notice the elements was awesome. Lets face it, you only get so much time off. If the weather gets rough you have to press on. Investing in quality gear can save the day. The Next Level Long Sleeve Shirt is that kind gear. I give it 5 stars but beware, they run small, get a size larger.

Huk Kryptek LoPro ICON Long Sleeve


This shirt is like a machine, a super computer. Anti-stink, anti-stain, breathability, flexibility, moisture transport and cooling technology. Seriously how can they get all that in one shirt ? Well they did. If you are going to be on the water all day this is the shirt you want. Perfect for those hot sunny days, but also may be the perfect base layer for colder, windy days. I wore this as a base layer the second day with a light sweatshirt during the cold windy morning, then switched to just the long sleeve for the hotter afternoon. Fishing in extreme comfort, not worrying about sunburn and able to move and cast with flexibility for hours on end. Match either shirt with the Huk Logo Visor for added protection.

The fit and comfort were amazing and while the bright Kryptek colors seem popular in the Florida Keys, I did get a lot of good-natured teasing about my color choice. So if you are fishing out west, maybe get a more muted color. That being said,  i did get more bites while wading the streams, I believe because of the color break up of my shirt.  I give it 5 stars.


When picking your fishing apparel think like you would about your tackle. Get the best you can afford. It will save you money in the long run. High quality clothing like Huk Performance Fishing is a good investment. No one wants to lose any fishing time to sunburn, heat exhaustion, chaffing, blisters, wind, heat or cold. Be prepared with quality gear. Of course most people can’t afford to buy everything at once, so add a few pieces each year. Gear like this lasts for years. You don’t want to be that guy stuck back at camp or lodge who missed out on the epic bite because of poor equipment. Do yourself a favor and log on at and check out their Huk gear and other top-notch items. Then go out and enjoy your next adventure in comfort.



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